Serenbe Hosts First-Ever Wellness Conference, Attune

By Evan Edwards and Katherine Diaz Villegas | September 28, 2019

Any hidden gem speakers?
Dr. Joe Dispenza—everyone needs to go to that. He’s talking on Sunday and it’s a two-hour workshop. He might be someone people don’t know or have not heard of in Atlanta. It’s next level healing—neuroscience, genetics, the whole quantum field. That’s my secret tip—he sells out convention centers with thousands of people around the world.

Everyone Writes. But Is Everyone a Writer?

Workshops hosted by published authors like Elizabeth Gilbert and non authors like Caroline Calloway have commodified creativity.

By Katherine Rosman Published Sept. 18, 2019 Updated Sept. 19, 2019

She also will speak at Attune, a wellness event in Georgia, in Serenbe, a new “mystical, urban utopia” on the outskirts of Atlanta. A four-day pass plus a king bed in a Serenbe “townhome” costs $2,500. An “Elizabeth Gilbert Meet and Greet” costs an additional $125, but tickets are sold out.

Healthy Outlook

By Steve Garbarino

“There’s never been a more critical time for seeking wholeness in our lives,” Emblom Castro says about life in America today. “Families are being separated. I believe that what we are going through is a dark night of the soul. To be frank, doing this in Georgia is a deeper calling for me, not just to create a wellness event. Education equals empowerment,” adds Emblom Castro, “and that is our assignment with Attune.”

We are sharing a bunch of inspiration and resources in today's episode! We cover all our woo favorites from books and apps to products, people, and practices. No matter if you're just getting into the world of spirituality and personal growth... or you've been into crystals, high vibes, and moon journaling for years, we hope you enjoy this conversation and find new woo things to explore!

Make time for wellness during the four-day Attune conference. Held at Serenbe, this gathering (Nov. 8-11) will offer attendees the opportunity to hear speakers such as Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love.” A typical day at the event will begin with meditation, tea time, or a nature walk, followed by a yoga class, brunch, workshops, the chance to recharge and explore Serenbe before dinner and end with live music.


While the trend in alternative healing and yoga grows (thanks in part to social platforms where 30-day yoga challenges and Dr. Sebi alkaline memes are popular), according to regional yoga teachers and alternative health practitioners, the South has been slower than the rest of the U.S when it comes to embracing new forms of wellness.

I spoke with three Memphis, TN-based yoga teachers separately about their experience working and finding an audience in their region. “There are so many misconceptions,” said Libby Campo of Your Inner Yogi. “I think the large majority of resistance is the fear of trying something new.”

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